Kids Martial Arts Lessons UES : How to stretch and why it’s important?
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Kids Martial Arts Lessons UES :  Karate is an excellent sport for gaining strength and flexibility. The classes can be demanding; therefore, your child must stretch. The exercises performed in the warmup prepare the body for the movements of karate. Stretching and warming up correctly is vital because it reduces stress on the body.


How to stretch for karate training


It is important to note that some children will be more flexible than others. Regardless of how flexible your child is, it is essential to stretch daily. Karate stretches and warm-ups get your child ready for the karate practice in class. A karate instructor will be able to supervise your child as they warm up. As they make sure the stretches are done correctly this reduces the risk of injury. The moves in karate can be physically demanding; consequently, it’s essential to warm up properly.


The stretches we use target all of the areas of the body that form part of the karate moves. As our instructors conduct the class, they will be able to spot any problem areas. A particularly tight joint or muscle can be the focus of a stretch. This individual approach makes sure each child is ready to begin the class. Some of the karate stretches we use include: 


  • Ankle stretch
  • Calf stretch
  • Oblique stretch
  • Hip stretch


Kids Martial Arts Lessons UES : Why is it important to stretch for karate?


A routine of stretching helps to improve the mobility of the joints. Stretching improves the cardiovascular system and therefore improves blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, will help to prepare your child for class and subsequently helps with focus. It is essential for anyone that practices karate to warm up and stretch before practice. Joints become supple and soft after warming up, allowing for better movement. The reasons we do karate stretches include: 


  • To prevent injury
  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Improves blood flow
  • Reduces the risk of muscle or joint trauma


A karate stretch routine that targets specific muscles and prepares the mind for practice helps to provide focus. This focus brings the full attention of the child to class and consequently helps them to connect to the moment. Daily stretching helps with everyday agility and will connect your child to themselves and their environment. Kids Martial Arts Lessons UES.