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Kids Karate Lessons NYC  : The power and accuracy in a karate kick can be challenging to master. At Karate City, we teach movements in a way that starts with a solid foundation. As a student progresses through the classes, they will see that their kicking and other techniques improve. A step-by-step approach creates a natural progression to more challenging kicks.


Karate kick drills


As with many things, practice makes perfect. A person new to karate won’t be able to execute kicks like someone that has been training for longer. Repetition of movements helps to cement them into the brain as well as into the muscles. The more you practice a move, the more naturally it comes. As the positioning of the muscles, stance, and movements become natural; consequently, more force comes into play.


Drills and practice during karate classes help each student to learn their own natural positioning for the best results. The instructor works with students to give them tips for karate kicks. The guidance that each student receives in class will cover:


  • Foot positioning

  • Generating power

  • Improving the accuracy of the strike

  • Techniques to reduce the risk of injury


Each person is different and because of this needs a different level of instruction. During class, the student and instructor work together to see which areas need improvement. As your child improves the moves they have issues with, they enjoy a great sense of achievement as a result.


Karate kick tips


Depending on the type of kick, there will be different ways to execute the move. Several exercises will help improve kicking effectiveness. These include:


  • Flexibility exercises

  • Strengthening movements, such as squats

  • Dynamic stretching routines


We focus on individual skill levels. Because comparing yourself to others is detrimental to a child’s progress, we discourage this. Igor has been using this, in addition to modern teaching techniques to help children achieve success. At Karate City, the classes help each child individually but also help create a team mindset. Kids Karate Lessons NYC