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Karate NYC Facebook : Many martial arts are originating from different parts of the world. Some of the most popular come from Japan, so what are the Japanese martial arts?


First of all, in Japan, you will hear martial arts described using one of three terms:


  • Bugei – Martial art
  • Budo – Martial way
  • Bujutsu – Martial technique, art, or craft of war


Essential words for you to learn if you become a Japanese martial art student include:


  • Ryu – Flow or school of Japanese martial arts
  • Sensei – Teacher
  • Senpai – Senior student
  • Kohai – Junior student 
  • Grades – kyu
  • Dan – Degrees
  • Kata – Form or pattern of movement


The restrictions of using weapons mostly spurred the development of martial arts. Because of this, they are incredibly diverse, and you may encounter different training equipment, philosophies, and methods.


Popular Japanese martial arts


Aikido means the way to harmony with ki. Aikido comes from the 1800s and uses joint locks, strikes, and throwing techniques that have fluidity.


Judo means the way of softness or gentle way, and you can mostly think of this as a grappling-based art. You will see Judo primarily as a sport, but it does focus on personal and spiritual improvement alongside physical improvement. Judo is an Olympic sport with students across the globe.


Jiu-Jitsu translates to soft skills, and if you practice this art, you will learn about using indirect force. Above all, the techniques you will learn include throws and joint locks. These techniques have importance above striking techniques such as punches or kicks. You can practice Jui Jitsu in either its ancient or modern form.


Karate means empty hand or the way of the empty hand. Originating from Okinawan, you practice karate through several systems, the most popular of which is Shotokan karate. Karate will also appear as an Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.


Kendo means the way of the sword and originates from the 16th century. However, you can practice strikes at full power and speed using bamboo swords and lightweight armor. The All Japan Kendo Federation governs the sport and also competitions.


Sumo dates from 23 BC and is one of Japan’s national sports. Initially part of army training, you can now participate in the sport of Sumo as an amateur or professional.

Olympic karate is the ideal Japanese martial art for you as well as your children. You will improve your physical self but also your mental strength, beneficial outside of the dojo. Karate NYC Facebook