Karate NY : What are the core skills my child is learning in karate ?
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Karate NY : During kid’s karate lessons, your child will be learning the many philosophies of karate. They get lots of physical benefits from training but also lots of emotional perks too. Here we take a look at some of the core things we teach in children’s karate.


Core skills taught in karate


The moves we teach in practice have many uses. They help to overcome an opponent but also provide capabilities for self-defense. The many gains your child gets from karate lessons also help them in other parts of their life. Some of the core skills they get from kid’s karate are:


  • Self-defense – as a student becomes proficient in karate, they have the skills to protect themselves. Practicing real-life scenarios teaches how to stay safe when out and about. Your child will learn to stop an attack but also that skills are only for when all else fails.
  • Self-control – a student of karate learns how to overcome an opponent or stop an attack. Your child will know they have the skills for protection but also learns to respect them. We do not allow our karateka to show off with their strikes and punches. Karate is for use when necessary and not for bragging.
  • Respect – one of the fundamental rules of karate is respect. Classes include lessons on respecting each other, instructors and, most importantly, ourselves. Progression in karate requires many things, but a lack of respect will not let a student go very far.
  • Physical fitness – the many facets of karate training deliver lots of gains for a child. Initially, physical fitness will increase. Any regular activity will help to improve overall health and fitness. The more practice and time your child puts into their karate, the fitter they will be as a result.


Why karate is good for children


As above, the reasons for attending karate lessons are numerous. Some of the very best things your child will get from the class are emotional and behavioral. Along the karate journey, exercise and self-discipline become more natural. You will notice your child can focus more and can control their emotions as a result.


The psychological benefits of exercise are extensive. Regular activity helps with mental health. It can improve issues with depression while also reducing anxiety. The confidence a child gets from karate lessons also spills over into their school life. Karate NY