Karate New York City: Youth Karate Program at Karate City on the UWS



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At Karate New York City: Our youth karate program is for children 7 through 13-years old. Our program helps children to be more confident and more structured. Children learn not to be afraid to experiment and try new things. Our whole program’s design reflects the qualities of the modern Olympic sport of karate.


Your child will practice the same world-class techniques that top athletes use in the most recognized competitions. This type of training gives children the ability to be the most effective they can be. They practice karate with measurable results. The sport of karate is visually stunning, and this helps brings out the visualization qualities of children. Your child will develop improved moral principles and will refine their etiquette. Your child benefits greatly by learning about the beautiful philosophy of karate, which is at the center of the sport.


Karate New York City and the Youth Karate Program at Karate City on the UWS. Benefits for your child include discipline, responsibility, respect, flexibility, and increased coordination. Your child will become more responsive and gain moral principles. They learn to use visualization and will be able to use a clear focus.