Karate New York City : What sports are good to mix with karate ?
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Karate New York City :  Although karate itself is the best sport for children, kids can still benefit from doing other sports. So, what sports are good to mix with karate?


The age of your child somewhat dictates what sport is best to mix in with karate. Igor Dyachenko recommends that young children can partake in gymnastics. Kids that are 2-4-years of age will enjoy gymnastics. Gymnastics is the best system for gaining flexibility and agility, as well as balance.


When it comes to children that are 4-7-years of age, athletics is good to mix in. Running track and field is a good example, but each child will find something that is enjoyable and beneficial.


If your children are slightly older, then soccer, once a week, is an excellent choice. Soccer helps kids that are 7-14 years of age improve their conditioning and cardio.


Why you should mix in other sports with karate


There is a good variety of reasons to mix in another sport with karate. It can help you or your child by changing up your routine with less intense physical exercise. You may also want to focus on improving your speed, flexibility, and strength, as well as improve your cardio.


Here are a few suggestions for sports that can help you and your kids:


  • Cardiovascular sports – Swimming, cycling, running, rowing, cross-country skiing
  • Power and speed sports – Tennis, circuit training, boxing, dancing, ballet
  • Dexterity and flexibility sports – Yoga, gymnastics


Karate will accelerate your child’s development, both physically and mentally. Add a secondary sport to the child’s karate regimen for further benefits. Karate New York City