Karate Midtown West: When is it not too early for a child to take karate classes?
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Karate Midtown West :  In the beginning, Karate City began working with children of six years age and above. Since then, Karate City continues to help younger children. So, when is it not too early for your child to take karate classes?


You can now enroll your child for karate classes from 2.5-years of age. The karate program is appropriate for the age of your child. You can have complete confidence in positively helping your child develop through karate lessons.


Parent and child karate classes


In the future, Karate City will offer parent-child karate lessons for toddlers of 1.5-years to 2-years of age. Classes will last for half an hour and include stretches, warm-ups, and drills, in style similar to yoga.


Family lessons are popular, and when you enroll in these, you will be building memories to treasure. If you wish to encourage family unity, then family karate classes are right for you and your children.


Karate City is experts in children’s karate. Karate Midtown West