Karate City: Programs in New York City


Karate City: Autistic Children Development Program in New York City. The autistic children development program is designed to research the most effective way to help children with autism to connect to their surroundings and their selves. The program delivers this through a consistent and professionally structured training regimen, which is based on neuropsychology, sport psychology, and Igor Dyachenko’s methodology.


Our research so far has shown that within 20 lessons of private instruction, the child has been capable of attending the group lessons with the rest of the children.


The records and statistics of our Autistic Children Development Program in New York City have shown that consistency and a progressively challenging environment has proven to be the most effective. This methodology helps the children learn the rules, manners, and social communication skills to help them feel comfortable in any area of their lives and any part of our society.


Karate City key factors include focus, awareness, concentration, and patience.