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Fitness Manhattan : Karate promotes hugely beneficial principals and philosophies. All of which are excellent lessons for your child to learn, because they are helpful in all aspects of life. So, what is the religious element of karate?


First of all, let’s take a look at what techniques karate teaches. You must first understand that Karate does not promote fighting. It will teach your child self-defense and about being moral and humble, as well as having respect for life.


Karate will strengthen your child’s character and resolve. So, the desirable principals that your child will learn about include:

  • Self-discipline

  • Self-control

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-awareness


Karate and religion


Karate has links to Zen Buddhism. This doesn’t mean that your child will become a Buddhist. In fact, the population of karateka includes people of all religious backgrounds. However, there are may useful teachings from Zen Buddhism that your kid will learn.


Monks brought martial arts skills and the philosophies of Buddhism from India to China, and eventually to Okinawa and Japan. In Okinawa and Japan, the original karateka develops their spiritual power called ki (the energy of life itself). Just like the original karateka, your child will hone their physical skills using ki to maximize power and balance.


During karate, your children will learn how to:


  • Build mental and spiritual skills

  • Follow a path towards spiritual fulfillment

  • Be in-tune with the world around them

  • Experience every moment for itself

  • Achieve enlightenment through everyday activities

  • Leave their minds open to all experiences

  • Focus on their movements and therefore let everything else go

  • Meditate


Firstly, Igor Dyachenko teaches your child breathing techniques and proper movement. This lays down the foundation for ki exercises, as your child advances into higher techniques. Fitness Manhattan