3 year old preschool Midtown West : Karate versus Hapkido
3 year old preschool Midtown West



3 year old preschool Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


3 year old preschool Midtown West : In the world of martial arts, you may think that many forms are the same. A lot of moves will look similar, but there are some differences. As styles develop, they take on new movements and so become something entirely different. Hapkido is a martial art from Korea and varies from other martial arts.




Hapkido is a combination of several disciplines, so it takes movements from different martial arts. People familiar with techniques will spot Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and Aikijujitsu. By applying multiple techniques, Hapkido fighters can overcome opponents. 


It is a style that came into being to allow fighters to take on people from other martial arts. So, a Hapkido fighter can use counter moves on opponents who have training in different fighting styles. The form of Hapkido aims to bring together the mind, body, and spirit as one.


The main principles of Hapkido are:


  • To deflect attack
  • Strategy for defense rather than forceful blocking
  • Subdue an opponent, so they can’t cause harm


Differences between Hapkido and karate


You may notice many moves that look similar, but there are many differences between the two fighting styles. These include:



  • Uses natural posture
  • A hard and soft style
  • Redirects an attackers energy
  • Strategic strikes to cause severe pain
  • Uses joint locks and grappling


  • Light contact sport
  • Kata focuses the mind
  • Points in competition for clean attacks and control
  • Uses blocks, punches, and also kicks


As you can see, the two styles have many differences. So, which one is the best martial art? That really depends on what you want from training. In Hapkido, fighters use an opponent’s energy to ward off an attack. There is a lot of grappling and joint locks, so the aim is to cause pain.


Karate uses strikes and kicks to defeat an opponent. The kata practice helps to master moves and also improves focus. The grappling and joint locks in Hapkido may not be the best for children. Karate is a light contact sport, so any force uses control. 3 year old preschool Midtown West