Small group training for youth karate is ideal for your child. Your youth will feed off the passion of the trainers and other pupils. They are practicing altogether in one group. It is a powerful experience where new students can see and learn from other student’s performance.


The dojo atmosphere is encouraging rather than competitive. Our system guides your youth to focus on their progress, rather than comparing themselves to others. With no test, we whet your youth’s appetite with the first couple of belts and ranks. They will then enjoy a smooth transition into the higher-ranking belts. We test from the blue belt level in private, removing the pressure of testing in front of the class.


In every session, our system has a design to create a slight physical, mental, and emotional challenge. With the help of the instructor, your youth achieves every goal. Doing so helps them feel a sense of capability and achievement. We ensure your youth leaves class feeling successful in the techniques they learn. Children that start younger take more classes to get to a black belt. However, the bonus to childhood development far outways delaying karate training.


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