Our Mission

Karate City is a nonprofit organization (501c3) dedicated to transforming the lives of children in foster care. With the combination of world-class karate coaches and a team of dedicated social workers, on-hand psychologists, and private tutors, Karate City is creating an effective program which will provide neglected and frequently forgotten children with invaluable support as well as the necessary tools to reach their full potential.

Our dojo is an inclusive and diverse environment, welcoming everyone from the community to participate in our world-class, personalized training programs.

Through the strength of our diversity, our tuition program students train side-by-side with their foundation classmates. Every member supporting their fellow students.

With the dedication of our instructors and the perseverance of our student body, everyone at Karate CIty can achieve their goals both inside and outside the dojo.

And with your participation and support, we can continue to grow our unique experience here in New York City and with our sibling foundations across the globe.

Our Belief

Karate is a sport and an art form available to anyone, and an activity where everyone who participates can find success and personal enrichment.

Many children in the foster care system struggle with enormous obstacles, from emotional trauma to unpredictable environments, and find themselves unprepared to face everyday challenges. These children leave the system with no support network, no confidence, and no resources to assist them with the responsibilities of adulthood.

At Karate City, we change these children’s stories and transform their lives. By training foster children in the sport of karate and supporting them with committed experts in child and adolescent development, we can prepare them for the future with the life skills they need to live happy, independent lives.

By equipping the children with the skills gained from world-class Karate instruction, we know that every foster child can rise above her/his circumstances and achieve her/his definition of success.

At Karate City, we support our students through every step in their journey – both in and out of the dojo.

He has helped hundreds of kids and adults become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Mariko Enkoji-Busch The Actors Theater Workshop

Our Story

In 1986, a six-year-old Igor Dyachenko was introduced to Karate, a sport that would change his life and eventually, the lives of many more of his students throughout the years.

Igor’s father, a computer scientist at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, took up the sport to build his physical and mental strength and began teaching it to Igor, his curious young son. Within two years, a bond shared by a father and son had evolved into a passion that drove and inspired Igor to commit to a lifetime of study and competition at the highest levels.

Fifteen years later, Igor found himself in the United States, with a singular belief that he shared with his father: Karate is for everyone.

Driven by his dream and empowered by the skills he learned through rigorous and thoughtful training, Igor embarked upon a path to bring the transformative power of Karate to others.

From his vision as a true ambassador of the art and sport of Karate, Karate City was born, and now, the skills Igor learned over a lifetime of dedicated study are making a difference in the lives of children in New York, the country and across the world.



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